MEDEA 2009 Highly Commended

MEDEA Awards 2009 Highly Commended

Dialogue (Dialogo) from the IE Business School in Spain is an interactive simulation (in English and Spanish) used in the first production of multimedia documentation for the bachelor in communication of IE University in Spain and is embedded in the subject Audio-visual Analysis: Digital Writing-Editing. This interactive exercise introduces the practice of shooting and editing dialogue, with the help of a simulation in which students have to choose between different shots in the sequence according to the dramatic progression.

The showcase video of the project Dialogue, including an interview with Uwe Spangler

What is important here is to use the camera positions correctly, different shots can be chosen directly through a 3D model of the shooting. After being introduced to the theory of the axis, students can create their own movies through the simulation.

As an output, students can see the final real video, from the different angles they have chosen beforehand. Afterwards, all videos can be published on an open platform, where both professors and students can evaluate and leave comments about the films online or in a debrief in the following class.

The dialogue used in the simulation is based on the novel “The heart of darkness” by Joseph Conrad.


What the judges said of this entry:

“The choice of this simulation with the embedded video is an excellent one as it really suits the purpose and target group. It also looks good, is easy to use and quick. All worked remarkably well and it has excellent usability even with minimal understanding of the language.  It has a very nice technical quality with an approachable nice idea … a really useful tool for teaching what can be quite a complex skill and really shows the power of media in education.”

About the creation of Dialogue

Screenshot of the Dialogue, MEDEA Awards 2009 Highly Commended

Screenshot of the entry Dialogue

Uwe Spangler, Project Manager at the IE Business School introduces his organisation and the simulation: “IE Business School, founded in 1973, is a private institution in Madrid with a strong strategic focus on integrating online learning in business education. Its e-learning department (http://www.ie.edu/multimedia) developed this interactive online course specifically for the students Bachelor of Communication at IE University.

While shooting a movie, in order to avoid creating confusion, the camera positions should stay on one side of the axis - the imaginary line which links the position the two people are facing. To be able to explain this concept, graphical representation is helpful and the teachers felt the most efficient learning method is the “learning through mistakes” approach. In reality though, this is not really feasible due to high organisation/shooting costs etc. so a simulation of this shooting is therefore a very suitable approach for training this skill set

Screenshot of the Dialogue, MEDEA Awards 2009 Highly Commended

Screenshot of the entry Dialogue

The Dialogue simulation was finished in the summer of 2009 and has been used since autumn 2009. It can be used in both face-to-face classes or online at home, and could be used in other study programmes as well.”

Project website

The English Dialogue website and the Spanish Dialogo website

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